​Top Outdoor Lighting Styles

We spend a lot of time outdoors in Australia and even though we all seem to admire a beautifully lit outdoor space, we can be a bit nervous when it comes to putting it into practise in our own backyard. However, ignoring your outdoor lighting is a shame because if you want your living space to feel like a home, you have to ensure that it is attractive both inside and outside whether it is day or night. With this being said, here is a list of some of the types of outdoor lighting settings that you could incorporate in your outdoor areas to transform its ambiance significantly.

Entertaining Alfresco

Be it a cozy corner around the fireplace, a sunny pool house, or a Mediterranean patio, this concept involves the creation of an area that is characterized by function, comfort and attractiveness. Regardless of the size of your garden or its design, applying the alfresco concept is not restricted to the sunny months only, it is about enjoying your outdoor spaces as much as possible. With this outdoor lighting concept the goal is to use it! Entertain guests outside year round and serve dinners for your family outside every day of the week if you like. You will need a combination of lighting for this functional area, brighter spotlights and overhead lighting for when you need to see clearly and then wall fixtures, lanterns and lower level mood lighting for later in the evening. To make the space especially functional year round you can include heaters and fireplaces or even a brazier or firepit. You will also need dining areas and/or bar seating. Mixing different garden lights on a few levels ensures that your display is exquisite. Fairy lights and lanterns are a good fit for your decorative mood lighting and if your space is sheltered enough then candles can offer sweet and intimate tabletop lighting.

Magic Gardens

Whether you have a hidden courtyard, a tiny backyard or huge overgrown garden it is easy to come up with an attractive and magical outlook, comfortable spot or even the perfect party space. All you need to do is mix lighting in amongst nature, spotlights angled to light up feature trees, wrap string lights in amongst the bushes and layer your lights to create a setting that appears framed with a fuzzy glow. You can hang lamps from branches, position garden lanterns on the floor and drape fairy lights around the trellis and decorative plants including the larger trees. Add a few textile accessories such as blankets and cushions to your outdoor space and you will have an instant soft feel to it. This is a fun theme equally loved by children and adults alike, feel transported into a magical glowing grotto in your own backyard.

Light Canopies

You can never go wrong when you fill up your skies! The idea here is to add lights in elevated positions, this way your outdoor space is stylishly lit from above without interrupting the views at eye level and below. Add strings of sparkling lights above your entertainment spot or a multitude of hanging pendant lights for an even more extravagant appearance. This approach makes for a roof of lighting and can be a more pared back effect whilst still being festive and stunning to experience.

Pergola and Gazebo Lighting

Pergolas and gazebos irrespective of whether they are permanent or erected for a momentary purpose such as a get-together, often call for stylish lighting. As a matter of fact, illuminating your garden structures can result in an irresistible ambiance instantly. If you have an adjacent source of power, mains garden lights are a staple when it comes to lighting gazebos and pergolas because of their simplicity when it comes to use. However, string lights are an equally excellent alternative due to their long-lasting cables and extendable lengths. Furthermore, they are multifunctional because you can either wrap or hang them depending on your preference. While wooden pergolas work well with symmetrical lines, gazebo lighting fixtures are suitable when attached using a soft drape. Concerning the shade, contrasting greenery or timber tones with white hues is a fantastic combination you don't want to miss out on.

Poolside Resort

If you have ever been to a stylish resort in Indonesia or Thailand you will know this outdoor lighting style and it has serious wow factor. To pull off this outdoor lighting setting you don’t necessarily need to have a pool but it certainly adds to the effect if you do. The main feature here tends to be multiple colours of lighting, we suggest selecting just two to start with, say for example blues and greens. You will then select tropical plants and feature palms and direct lights up from the bottom so that they are illuminated in a colourful glow. Pool lights add incredible magic especially when tied in with a lighting colour theme to other parts of the outdoor area. Finally alcove and under ledge lighting following the same colour theme can be used under outdoor bar areas and other functional spaces to carry the theme through to completion. The poolside resort outdoor lighting style is absolutely a jaw dropper and is sure to have your guests talking for years to come.

Regardless of whether you have a courtyard, a wooden deck, or a garden with several decorative plants, these outdoor lighting concepts can help you come up with a themed and organised lighting style for your home. Don’t forget they are achievable even on a tight budget! If you do have to cut corners keep the lights and instead swap expensive outdoor furniture choices for trendy wooden crates or eclectic op shop furniture, you will still get the desired look and feel without the high price tag. Adding textile accessories such as blankets and cushions provide a soft feel to your outdoor space. Now all you need is a clear evening in the fresh air to go out and enjoy it.