The future of powerpoint technology

The future of powerpoint technology

They always say not to overload your powerpoints - and they’re right - but sometimes you’ve got approximately 87 things to plug in next to your bed and only two measly outlets with which to power them.

Okay, it might not be 87, but you’ve got your bedside lamp, your clock, possibly a separate alarm, your phone charger, possibly a tablet charger - the list can get quite long. A powerboard or double adaptor can solve the problem, but you’re at risk from overloading the powerpoint.

What if your powerpoint had extra slots for your phone and tablet? Special USB ports especially for charging your devices - sounds like a great time.

There are some advancements in technology that not everyone agrees with, but this definitely one everyone will love.

Excel Life Double Power Point with USB Sockets –- White

Legrand Excel Life USB wall plate

Legrand is introducing their new Excel Life range. This includes the super-fast charging USB powerpoints and switches. This fixes an annoyance I’m sure we’ve all had - and now you can just plug the USB cord straight into the port in the powerpoint instead of searching for a double adaptor or powerboard that might not even fit right because half of the chargers have the USB slot at the side or in a position that makes the cord stick at weird angles and just be an all-around nuisance.

Just me? Well I definitely need one of these powerpoints then. Use the dedicated USB ports for charging, and leave the normal outlets for your lamp and clock on your bedside table, or appliances in the kitchen, or computer in the study.

Voted Product of the Year in the Good Design Awards 2015, they really are incredibly useful and versatile. You can have two USB ports in a powerpoint that still has two normal outlets for plugs, or have a dedicated USB charging station with six USB ports on the one powerpoint, or even put two USB ports on a light switch. There are so many places to put these powerpoints!

Charging at a speed of 2.4A, these are the fastest on the market! With this technology at your fingertips, you can charge up and get straight back into life - without interrupting the use of other appliances.