​Styling your home with warm metals

Styling your home with warm metals

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Making your house into the interesting, individual home that you deserve means getting the styling right. 

Warm metals like brass, copper, gold, and even bronze have been very in all year, and don’t look to be cooling off any time soon.

You might be hesitant to jump straight on the trend train, but before you turn away from one of the most popular trends of the season, read on. 

We’ve come up with some design hints and tips to make sure warm metals will work in your specific space and enhance your home.

A positive for metals in general is that they allow light to bounce between elements in the room, opening up the space as the light fills it.

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  • Warm metals add a touch of interest and elegance to a space.
  • Mixing different metals in a space is popular - choose a dominant, feature metal, then style with other metals to complement in smaller touches through the room.
  • You can match warm metals with warm toned colours like reds, pinks, and browns to create a cohesive look, or set them against cooler colours like blues, greens, and purples to create contrast. Or conversely, you can use a warm metal feature as the pop of colour in a room of monochrome blacks, whites, and greys. A great example of this is having a brass or copper pendant light hanging in the middle of a black and white room - it creates a focal point and gives the eye something to look at.
  • Layering different textures of metal in a space helps to create depth and and an interesting look. You can mix polished metals with matte or tarnished metals, as well as brushed or hammered metals - basically anything goes, as long as it all comes out balanced in the end, and especially if you love it!
  • Ida Table LampCopper and brass vintage items/accessories are pretty easily accessible to buy - like pots, kettles, trays, bowls, vases, other ornaments. This makes it easy and relatively cheap to bring these elements into your home.
  • Gold in particular lends itself to a luxurious feeling in a space, even if you only use small touches.
  • You can get decorations and furniture in these metals or with metal highlights in nearly every style that your home might be - industrial, contemporary, French/European, mid-century modern, country, the list goes on.

Warm metals really are quite versatile and while they have been very popular lately, there’s no evidence to suggest that a home styled with warm metals will ever be unfashionable. Using metals features in the form of furniture, lighting, accessories, or even metallic walls or ceiling will definitely brings some warmth and elegance to your space. So jump right in and get some warm metals into your home.