Lighting Options and Tips For Your Home

For any household, lighting is a necessity. The importance of lighting in a home is not restricted to functionality alone. Instead, it is central to the creation of an ambiance and atmosphere regardless of the part of the house you intend to light. However, one thing most people miss is the fact that utilizing different lighting combinations can transform the look of the same room and enhance the atmosphere dramatically.

Buying lighting appliances is still a challenge for most homeowners. In most cases, people are predisposed to making quick lighting decisions without a review of what your home requires. This aspect is an outcome of the fact that most home or apartment owners are not sure regarding the kind of lighting fixtures they need to buy for the applications they have in their living spaces.

Lighting Options

As a starting point, it is imperative to understand all the lighting alternatives available. They include;

  • Downlights: Possibly becoming the most popular lighting option for modern Australian homes. Downlights are commonly used in every room in the house, fixed on the ceiling, and available in LED options. Downlights are cost effective, do not distract the eye and provide ample light.
  • Pendant lights: this option entails lighting fixtures that are usually suspended from the ceiling.
  • Spotlights: Spotlight fixtures often come in sections or bars though they can also be used singularly. Spotlights are used when even, bright light is required such as kitchens and laundry rooms among others.
  • Wall Lighting: This lighting alternative is typified by the provision of relaxing indirect light, in addition to offering dramatic effects on the walls.
  • Undercabinet Fixtures; this form of lighting allows you to control the light and focus it on the areas where a task is being performed such as a kitchen or the study room.
  • Batten Fix Globe Fittings: A common light fitting the batten fix is simply a single holder connected/wired to the ceiling or wall for a replaceable globe. Batten fix fittings allow for many options of DIY lamp shades to be added, swapped and changed as it suits the personality and tastes of the owner.
  • Oyster Lighting: This popular type of lighting is like a bubble providing generous light from a single source, they are dependable, subtle and effective lights for many homes.
  • Table and Floor Lamps: Often used a a sculptural feature in a room as well as adding a seperate optional light source lamps are good for delivering light to a particular spot for reading or working. Lamps can also be a good choice for homes that don't have a lot of options for ambience as it allows the main lights to be turned off leaving a soft glow.

4 Clever Lighting Tips

Warm and Cool Light

Most people are not aware of the availability of warm and cool lights when it comes to color. To create an atmosphere, you can use any of these lighting temperatures based on your needs. Warmer lighting solutions provide utility in the living and bed rooms whereas neutral lights work best in kitchens and offices. In contrast, cooler lights are suited to study rooms or above greeneries. Personal preference is also a big player in choosing warm or cool lighting, do you prefer the soft warm glow of the warmer orange/yellow lights or the crisp modern look of the cooler white-blue tones.

Colored Lights

Using lighting fixtures that come in diverse colors provides a fun approach to trigger different moods in your home. For instance, using red lights creates an energizing and stimulating feeling whereas orange-colored fixtures promote a creative and warming atmosphere. Yellow lights are synonymous with positivity and strength while a green one creates a balanced, compassionate, and harmonious ambiance. A calm, loyal, and lively atmosphere can be created with the help of blue lights whereas an intuitive, insightful, and integrity-centered ambiance can be achieved with the help of indigo-colored lights. Lastly, using lights that are violet in color promises a wise, inspiring, and transformative atmosphere. Colored lights can be an exciting change in children's rooms or you could even create different coloured rooms for your next party or event!

Creative Lighting

Don't be too afraid to use lights in creative ways, there are so many ways to add interest and effect with lighting, have fun with it. Direct spotlights at plants or sculptures or wall art to call attention to them and at the same time show the a high class artistic streak in your own tastes. How about different coloured lighting stips under kickboards and benches, a fantastic mood lighting effect can be created by running coloured strip lights under benchtops in bathrooms that way the light is soft enough to leave on at night whilst still being able to see to use the bathroom. Not to forget the features that can be made of lamp shades and pendant lights, there are some absolutely stunning options available these days in every style imaginable, make a statement with a large pendant or a matching row of hanging lights in a dining room or entranceway.

Multiple Layers of Lighting

When designing your home an important and often overlooked aspect is to have multiple lighting options or layers of lights. What is meant by this concept is to have variety of lighting types in a single room so that at any time some may be turned on or off to suit different needs and requirements of different times and situation. An example is to have downlights throughout for general every day lighting functionality then also add some creative lighting to add wow factor such as fancy lamps, spotlights and coloured lighting. Lastly, always include low light options for when when a calm atmosphere is called for, dim lights on a quiet evening or a soft lamp to read by. If you want to create an intimate atmosphere in your house or room, lights that are both bright and soft come in handy. You can either install dimmers or buy fixtures fitted with dimming capability or apply multiple layers of lighting options and opt to turn some on or off as the situation suits.

When it comes to lighting alternatives, it is essential to stick to the best solutions available in the market. This point implies that your buying decision should be informed by the highest quality fixtures that can be bought affordably. Enjoy the multitude of effects, styles and atmospheres that can be created in your home simply by clever use of lighting.