​Industrial Style - hints and tips

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Industrial Style - hints and tips

The style of your house says a lot about your personality. The way you decorate and style your space sends a message to everyone in it about what you like and how you think. Industrial styling is one of the most popular styles at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an industrial style house when it’s less popular!

If you’re not sure, or if you want to start styling your house to be more industrial, then keep on reading. We’ve put together some basic hints and tips to showcase industrial style, and how to go about decorating your house.

  • Polly Concrete PendantThere is definite lack of pretension in industrial style. Everything is functional and nothing exists simply to be pretty.
  • The architecture is very stripped back - think exposed piping, plumbing, ducting, and beams; open plan spaces with high ceilings; and exposed brick and other not-quite-polished finishes.
  • Salvaged objects and furniture feature heavily in industrial homes. The look incorporates lots of worn and old-looking objects, so thrift shops, flea markets, garage sales, and curbside pickup are great ways to acquire pieces.
  • Big, metal pendant lights feature a lot in industrial spaces - and there are lots to choose from to match what you like.
  • It’s no-nonsense. It’s pared-back and sensible - think no blinds or curtains, but frosted windows instead. Think polished concrete floors, no carpets, and rugs are very minimally used - get warmth through under-floor heating.
  • Repurposing is big - crates as tables, ladders as bookcases, anything you can find and repurpose as something functional will definitely fit in this look - as long as it’s not overly fancy or embellished.
  • Use natural textures and neutral colours. Woods, metals, and concretes are essential, and cool colours like greys, blacks, whites, and neutrals are great - maybe with a pop of colour for something different. When using metals, burnished, tarnished, and hammered metals are much preferred over high-gloss, polished pieces - though a polished metal piece can lend itself to an industrial look once it’s in the space.
  • Tonic Pendant

    Try to find artwork and decorations that would feel out of place in a nice, homely house or cottage. This style is about the often overlooked pieces that would stick out like a sore thumb in your grandmother’s sitting room.

  • Use textures to break up a monochrome colour scheme - concrete, rust, corrugated iron, and wrought iron are great examples.
  • Furniture should be made from wood or metal, and incorporate sharp shapes - no fancy, curvy shapes unless it’s wrought iron, gothic style.

Hopefully you’re now on your way to having the industrial home of your dreams, and have some ideas to go off! If you love the style, go for it - and don’t be afraid to go all out!