​Home Styling Tips: Coastal

Home Styling Tips: Coastal

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You don’t have to live on the beach or at the coast to make your home feel like you do. The light, airy features of coastal home style are very appealing whether you live in that environment or you live somewhere that desperately needs some lightening up. It almost goes without saying that this is the perfect style for beach lovers.

It isn’t too difficult to achieve a nice, relaxing, coastal styled home if you follow a few easy tips and hints to get the design and decor right. Read on to see some home styling tips for the coastal house of your dreams!

  • Coastal is essential beach style - light and breezy, it feels like summer all year round.
  • You may want to jump straight in and decorate with shells and fish and beach scenes all over the house - but a true coastal style is subtle, not overt with gimmicky decor and over-the-top styling.
  • Copenhagen PendantOne big point to remember is the coastal style is all about the light and natural elements - make sure there is abundant light throughout your home. This goes with space as well - don’t place items in a room that don’t need to be there. Clutter goes against the relaxing, light feeling you’re trying to achieve.
  • White walls help to spread the light, and keep things summery even in the colder months.
  • Big, plentiful windows, glass doors, and skylights all add to the airy feel and get as much sunlight into your house as possible - the line between indoors and outdoors should be as blurred as possible. Once you have your windows sorted, you don’t necessarily want to dress them with much at all. A sheer, white curtain is probably all you want to go with.
  • Fabrics used in a coastal style home are always simple - linen, cotton, and muslin mostly in white or washed-out pastels feature heavily.
  • Tamar Table LampColour schemes are neutral, and pale, with matte or honed finishes rather than gloss or shine. Match some ocean blues and greens with your neutral palette to add personality and interest to a space.
  • Natural fibres are definitely a must - organic materials like seagrass, straw, jute, and rope will fit in perfectly.
  • Light, weathered woods also feature in coastal homes - light timber, cane, and wicker can easily be added through a light fitting if you aren’t able to switch out any big pieces of furniture.
  • Decorating with mirrors can magnify the space and light in a room - and a glass top table in the living or dining room really helps with this as well.
  • If you’re still keen for the seaside themed objects, fabrics, prints, or patterns are fine in small doses - a cushion here or a shelf ornament there.