​Guide to using timber to style your home

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Guide to using timber to style your home

Using timber to style your home is one of the best and most tried and tested ways to bring warmth and natural elements into your home. An extremely versatile material, timber can be used in many different styles, functions, and pieces throughout your home.

If you’re just starting on your timber styling journey, take a look at the quick guide we’ve put together to inject some timber into your home.

  • The biggest way to introduce timber into your home is your flooring - which obviously can be difficult to change if you’re not in the process of building or intensively renovating your home. If you’re not in the position to change your floors to timber, then you can easily get timber elements into your space through furnishings like dining table sets, coffee tables, or other end tables. Other, smaller elements like lighting, accessories and decorations can be a great way bring in some timber without spending too much or changing your furniture too drastically.
  • When you have chosen your first main timber piece, identify whether it has a warm or cool undertone as the base colour - when adding more timber pieces, you can either go with the same undertone for cohesion, or go the opposite way to create some contrast. As long as the pieces still work together and add to the room rather than distract or detract from the styling, it will turn out looking great.Harrison Desk Lamp
  • A big positive for timber is that it lends itself to so many canvases. It can be very elegant when used in a room with mostly white furnishings and elements, and it will match in well with a range of home stylings like country, rustic, minimalist, contemporary, industrial, and even coastal style as well as many more.
  • A monochromatic, neutral colour scheme works well with timber - neutral is best if you’re trying for a few different shades of timber, but you might limit yourself to three different timber shades as otherwise it can begin to look cluttered.
  • On the other hand, timber works well with most colours, so the colours you’ve picked out, or would like to use, will almost definitely work with you timber elements
  • An example of how to use timber with different colours is to contrast lighter timber elements with darker hues in other furniture and wall colours - and vice versa for darker timbers; style with lighter colours to create a nice contrast and make sure the room is neither too dark nor too light.

Timber is a very safe option for styling your home - and that means it will look fantastic wherever you use it!