​DIY Lighting - How to make wine glasses into mini table lamps!

DIY Lighting - How to make wine glasses into mini table lamps!

Party season is upon us! With all the organisation throwing a party requires, sometimes the little touches can escape us - like lighting! You might have some standard fixtures for general lighting outside or in your entertainment area, but it’s the smaller, more intimate and personal ideas that really make a good party.

Wine glass table lamps

Stringing up some fairy lights or relying on outdoor wall lights or a big pendant in your dining room might not give you the right feel - or enough light on the table itself - for a few or a lot of guests. If you have a few spare minutes and a little creative flair, this DIY lighting idea is perfect for you!

What you need:

  • Sheets of paper, card, or stiff fabric - as much as you need for how many lights you want to create!
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Wine glasses
  • Tealights - ordinary candle or LED style
  • Blu-Tack
  • Other elements like pencils to draw patterns, decorative-bladed scissors to cut patterns, and anything else you’d like to use to decorate the lamp shades!

Lamp shade pattern

How to:

  • Trace the pattern shown on the right onto your paper/card/fabric.
  • Cut out the shape - either with the normal scissors or with the decorative-bladed ones for a creative effect.
  • Draw, decorate, and make it pretty however you like.
  • Apply glue to the shorter, straight sides of the cut-out and stick them together to create a lampshade.
  • Stick a tealight to the bottom of a wine glass with the Blu-Tack and make sure it’s turned on/lit.
  • Place the lampshade over the wine glass and voila! Your very own mini table lamp!

Repeat the process for however many lights you need, and place them on your dining table inside or outside, on the kitchen bench while you’re preparing or entertaining before the meal, and wherever else you want some small lights for ambience during your party. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on the flame if you’re using real candles!

Instructions and images courtesy of POPSUGAR and Save On Crafts.