Automation for the Modern Home

It goes without question that the world we live in is becoming increasingly connected. Inter-linked gadgets and related software have been playing a crucial role in improving communications and productivity in the workplace. Now these innovations are making their way into our homes too!

The emergence of home automation is improving both convenience and comfort in our living spaces. Home automation is the ultimate in customization of your home appliances to meet your family’s interests, tastes and preferences.

In this article, the core focus is on explaining what home automation entails, its benefits, and finally, offering tips and recommendations that are vital for successful adoption in your household.

Defining Home Automation

Primarily, home automation describes the capability to access and manage household appliances from a mobile gadget. Home automation has been used for a while by wealthier portions of the population and businesses to integrate with unique gadgets that can be configured such as alarm systems, locks, smoke sensors, security cameras, temperature regulators and sprinkler systems. However, more recently, not only has this technology become more widely available and affordable to the general public but also it has dramatically reduced in complication.

Nowadays home automation need not be used for purely serious applications such as security but also can be used for fun; to run music and entertainment, remotely send your pet a treat or change the colours of the lights in preparation for bedtime. Commonly, home automation is used to control all number of both productive, practical and fun functions in the home including lighting fixtures, sound speakers, household appliances, power outlets and air conditioning systems all integrated into a set-up that can be controlled from anywhere.

When we speak of home automation now we mean all of these things and all of the possibilities of an automatic, connected and remotely controlled home.

Benefits of Home Automation

The integration of this technology in any residence can offer several advantages for property owners. Although this concept may sound like futuristic technology, the reality is that it has been in use for a while for different reasons. Its core merits include;

Energy Efficiency

Everyone is guilty of leaving lights and appliances on accidentally. When this happens, there is significant energy wastage. With home automation, you can turn these lights off or dim them as required from a remote location.

Alternatively, you may be staying in a relatively warm location, but you spend the majority of the day at work. In such a scenario, it is not prudent to run the air conditioner when you are away from home. With home automation, you can turn on the AC just prior to getting back home to save the energy that would be wasted the entire day while you were away.


Consider a scenario where you left home in a hurry and forgot to lock your backdoor or the garage. In such a case, it goes without question that the safety of your home is compromised. Home automation can help you ascertain remotely using your cellphone, and take the necessary measures to ensure your home is safe.

Alternatively, home automation also makes it possible to get real-time alerts from your alarm system whenever there is an intruder. Advanced systems even offer real-time surveillance footage. As such, it is easy to determine whether it was a stray dog that wandered into your yard or it is a burglar trying to gain access into your house.


With this technology, concerns such as ‘did I turn the oven off’ or ‘did I lock the door’ become a thing of the past. You can log on and check and control it remotely. No need to get up to change the temperature settings or walk over the stereo to change the song, or even get out of bed to turn off the lightswitch, home automation has this covered.


We humans like to be able to have full control over our lives. The added control over our home systems and management of our living spaces is great for this feeling.


The ability to control your air conditioner remotely means that you never have to come home to an extremely hot or cold household. Why not run yourself a bath before you get home or have your favourite playlist playing when you get in from a hard day.

Tips and Recommendations for Home Automation

After identifying what home automation entails and the benefits it offers, it is important to provide guidelines on how you can get started.

Own a Controller

Although you can control certain automation systems from your smartphone, others require the installation of a control panel within the house. Therefore, a controller is a necessity for effective home automation.

Access to a Network

The common approaches to managing your home remotely are through either Bluetooth or a wireless connection. Consequently, access to a network is vital for conveying commands from your controller to your appliances.

Alternative Options to Receive Messages

With respect to what you intend to automate, additional channels through which your appliances can receive messages is a necessity. Consider a scenario where you plan to automate your lighting system. In such a case, you may need smart outlets or light bulbs that can be integrated into your household's automation network without having to rely on Bluetooth technology or a wireless connection on your smartphone.

Typically, we are all busy with work or school commitments. Home automation represents one of the emerging technologies that is focused on making life more efficient and comfortable. If you have not yet automated your home, the time is ideal to consider this solution to enhance the management of your home.