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Puma Dual USB Charger Power Point

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USB Charging in everyday Australian life is now not a luxury but an expectation and the Puma USB Integrated range is an excellent "all-in-one" solution for charging phones, tablets, cameras, fit bands, smart watches and various other USB compatible devices. USB's need to be located in all spots where we work and play - kitchens, bedrooms, lounge-rooms, offices, hotels and clubs, public places, retail stores- the list goes on. The Puma Dual USB Charger Power Outler is the perfect solution for your needs!

The rating for the USB is 3.4A at 5V when one device is inserted, then it divides to 1.7A at 5V when a device is inserted in each USB socket.
USB power supply contains temperature cut out and overload protection
Fits standard wall boxes and mounting accessories.
Full cover plate
Standard Colour is hite but Black and Brushed Aluminum is also available!

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