Stanza STA1203BL

Stanza STA1203BL

1220mm Glass Fibre Composite 3 Blade Ceiling Fan.

Suitable for indoor and covered outdoor use.

Model Name STANZA
Model Number STA1203BL
Colour Black
Size 1220mm (48″)
Blade Count 3
Blade Material Glass Fibre Composite
Motor Watt 17/35/55w
Air Movement 5700/8640/11700m³/H
Speed H/M/L (RPM) 190/150/105
Reverse Mode No
Mount Angle 0-18°
Remote Control Compatible with STARFR48
J Hook Kits Available in Matte Black
Extension Rods Available in Matte Black comes in two sizes 600mm and 900mm
Joiner Kits Available in Matte Black
Warranty 4 years

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