4 Lighting Trends For Your Home In 2019

Lighting has the capacity to make a room more or less attractive, it sets the mood and highlights the styling. Do not allow a boring standard grade fixture dampen your otherwise breathtaking living space, changing your lighting options is easier than you might think, irrespective of whether you are living in a leased apartment or not. In particular this year there are some really great lighting trends to take advantage of, four of our favourites are discussed below.

Top Lighting Trends for 2019

  • Integrated LED Lighting
  • Pared Back Industrial
  • Concealed Lighting
  • Eco-Friendly Design

Integrated LED Lighting

In recent years, product designers have come up with remarkable lighting solutions which have interior designers, architects and homeowners rejoicing. Integrated LED lighting represents one of the trends to look out for this year that can transform your living space into an awesome spectacle. This technique integrates daily fixtures such as ceiling fans and flush mounts with LED lights. The outcome of this combination is the development of additional sources of light and functional alternatives for users such as the ability to dim your lighting to the required level. Because of the flexibility, small size and lesser heat generation of LED lights they are able to be integrated into all sorts of other appliances and fittings, this opens up a whole new world of design opportunities.

Pared Back Industrial

The industrial trend continues though it is becoming more refined and pared back over time. Vintage style edison light bulbs are a great example of this by providing a warmer take on the style compared to many other traditionally ‘industrial’ lighting designs. The nostalgic edison looking light bulbs can now also be found in LED variations making them infinitely more appealing. We see a lot of metal in the industrial style but you will notice in the more modern expressions of the style that the metal is becoming a little finer and less chunky and also increasingly in softer finishes like brushed gold or artistic cut out designs.

Concealed lighting

This trend is all about hiding lighting everywhere, spurred on by the same advances that have led to the increase in design possibilities for integrated lighting. Concealed lighting uses those same advances of smaller size and lesser heat generation to place lights in all sorts of places not previously possible. Common examples are kickboard and drop ceiling lighting; Kickboard lighting goes, you guessed it, in or above the cabinetry kickboard to provide a gentle light at foot level and is common in kitchens. Dropbox ceilings and the reverse, known as tray ceilings are both perfect candidates for use of concealed lighting, in fact if you have either of these ceiling types and don't utilise concealed lighting you are crazy. Other beautiful expressions of this style of lighting include cove lighting, sidelights, under counter lighting and even lights inside cabinets that turn on and off with the opening and closing of the door. Concealed lighting provides soft, ambient, unobtrusive light that adds a glow, great atmosphere and additional light to a space without being obvious. There are many ways to achieve this trend in your home and it lends itself well to diy installation by using strip and rope lighting and small button LED units.

Eco-Friendly Design

Ecological conservation is one of the primary issues in contemporary society. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that eco-friendly designs are among the top lighting trends in 2019. This approach is not only pocket-friendly for homeowners but also plays a central role in reducing your impact on the planet. Ranging from the purely aesthetic such as choosing natural themed feature lighting and styling it with an abundance of lively green plants, to the more practical energy-saving bulbs. Keep an eye out for new strategies to upcycle; eco-friendly lighting is the trend everyone should try this year, and every year. An easy way to implement this is to transition to LED lights in your home, as your older bulbs die ensure you dispose of them correctly (very important as older bulbs contain toxins and heavy metals!) and replace these with more eco friendly LED light bulbs. When it comes to upcycling, If you enjoy doing things yourself, visit your local thrift shop and pick up some older lamps or light accessories which you can add a personal touch to, paint or decorate and fit with a LED bulb. The implication of this action is the minimization of lighting expenses and reduction in waste. (Of course you need to ensure that the electrics are in working condition and safe to use). The eco-friendly trend in lighting gives you a cost-effective and easy way to update your lighting and feel good about it in the process!

Are you ready to accentuate your home with a fresh look in 2019? Try any or all of these 2019 leading lighting trends and see how much you can liven up your home, create a beautiful atmosphere and highlight the styling of your house.